Two Panoramic Views of San Diego

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Cityscape, Panorama, Skylines | 2 comments

Two Panoramic Views of San Diego - San Diego, California skyline - July 12, 2009 and April 21, 2009
San Diego, California Skyline - July 12, 2009 and April 21, 2009Both these were taken in 2009. The top one was shot from Mount Soledad and the second from Coronado Island.

Some of you will recognize the bottom one from the vote we had a week ago. It is made of 11 photographs stitched together. You can actually see the people boarding the ferry on the left. Click here, and you can zoom into the photograph to see the amount of detail.

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  1. bob wood

    that’s about the nicest soledad shot I’ve ever seen & I’ve been here 50 yr.!

    • David E. LeVine

      Thanks, Bob. Good to hear from you.


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