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I started the My Daily Photograph email list on June 9, 2008 as a way to share my photographs with family, friends and acquaintances. After four days of sharing, I realized the need for a website to archive the images. When people are added to the list at a later date, they have a place to go see previous photographs. I decided to create MyDailyPhotograph.com as the home of these images.

This venue gives me both a reason to keep producing work and forces me to select my best images in a more critical manner.

I hope you enjoy my images and will share them with others.

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David E. LeVine

Photographer, TreeO.com

What is MyDailyPhotograph?

There are over 900 photographs on this website. Feel free to search by subject or select a category from the drop-down on the right.

Photography to me is about sharing my vision. It’s personal, yet the reaction of other people is important. I do it for myself, yet to keep it to myself would be a sort of hoarding. This website, an offshoot of my daily email, is the essence of that sharing.

I started MyDailyPhotograph back in 2009. It started as an email to friends, family and business associates. I decided it needed a website to archive the images. If someone was new to the list, or was just looking for an image they remembered, there was a place to find it.

It turned into so much more for me. It became a reason to keep my photography fresh and interesting. Looking for inspiration one day, I decided to tie the photograph to the day it was sent. On the forth of July, fireworks were a natural. Then I started checking the non-holidays to see what events occurred. It became a way for me to edit and select images that were pertinent. Once I started researching events, I decided to include a list with the email, Today in History and Today’s Birthdays. These events gave me a new direction. They also helped inspire new images that may never have been created and or shared.

I have thousands of images, as I have been taking pictures for over 40 years. To think that most would just stay trapped in my computer, where no one see them would be frustrating. I am so thankful to have the list and this website to share my vision.

I like photography that is unique and shows people what they would not see or particularly notice. Of course I like sunsets and beautiful landscapes, also, but always try to take those from a unique perspective.

Please enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoy sharing them.


David E. LeVine

David E. LeVine

Photographer & Web Developer

I have been a photographer for over 52 years. These are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them.


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