Which “March 2nd” photograph do YOU like best?

by | Mar 2, 2024 | Informational, Polls | 6 comments

Well, today I had a real conundrum. I couldn’t decide which photograph to post today. As most of you know, I like to choose a photograph I took on this day or one that is particularly relevant to the date in some way. Today I had a difficult time choosing so I decided to let you vote on your favorite from ones I shot on this date.

Also, please leave your comments below.


  1. SG

    Some days a dose of beauty is a real privilege. Fantastic shot.

    “Painted Mountains” was my choice– breathtaking is a poor choice of words, but it’s the best I can do today lol! I’d use that one as a cover for one of my ambient projects!

    Just a perfect shot in every way Dave–


  2. DW

    The balance of composition resonates more in “Painted Mountains” than in the other two. I much prefer your non-photoshoped images, some really great work. In most cases I think the photoshoping distracts from the image itself.

  3. Jim Aboulafia

    I think you rigged this one…the Painted Mountains helped calm my jangled nerves…why would I vote for Drive-by Nukes, which reminds me of Three Mile Island or auto traffic? (which we have too much of in LA)

  4. athelia johnson

    I like this one best of the three pictures. This one has a sense of serenity. Today was a was a little hectic and if I could have gotten into a car and driven to somewhere to calm down this would have been the place I drove to.

  5. deborah

    No question to me……Utah Landscape…the second I viewed it I was drawn in to looking at every inch of the photo…there was so much going on in that landscape for me…I was really surprised when I saw the voting results. I loved the textures and colors of #2 and truly thought it would have been overwhelmingly chosen…but then again, this is why we have white, milk and dark chocolate…to each , his VERY own! Loved participating in your vote! …oh, and let me add…ALL THREE were beautiful photos-great to start the day thinking creatively!


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