Through the Stone Bridge

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Bridges, Delaware, Landscape, Old Buildings | 3 comments

Through the Stone Bridge - Winterthur Estates, Delaware - June 3, 2008

Winterthur Estates, Delaware - June 3, 2008

I shot this one on a day trip to Delaware in 2008. Yes, it was really as serene as it looks.Comment or questions? Click here


  1. Father Dan, at St. Rita's


    The stone bridge photo is nicely done. You managed to take a photo that is sometimes described as a “cliche photo” and give it life by the interesting kinds of light throughout the photo that highlight many things to view.

    I suspect you used a F stop of at least F8. If you have time let me know what were your other specs.

    Father Dan

  2. Allan Aboulafia

    That is beautiful! Thank you David.

  3. jeri schatz

    this is truly lovely and I wish it were mounted on an off-white mat board


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