The Pepper and the Peanuts

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The Pepper and the Peanuts

Maple Shade, New Jersey - February 17, 2010
Still life of an orange pepper at the produce store.I have been wanting to do some still-life photography. I was going to buy some good looking fruit and go at it. Tabletop photography is one of my favorites, and I haven’t done any in ages. Well, we were at the produce market and I spotted this pepper and decided to shoot it on the spot. Laid it on the sacks of peanuts and shot it. Added a little softening glow in Photoshop (again, Happy 24th Birthday to my favorite software), and here it is. I thought it was fun and wanted to share it. All comments appreciated…

Did you know, today is the 140th anniversary of the phonograph patent?
And it was 163 years ago today that a Tin-type camera was patented also.



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