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SuperFly - South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - May 16, 2011
South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - May 16, 2011
Something a little different today. Many of you, especially the ladies, will probably find this kind of gross. The boy in me rally likes bugs, although we all hate flies, right? This guy was alight on our rose bush after a heavy rain. I was photographing raindrops on leaves with my macro lens when I spotted him. He sat there for several shots even though I was inches away. He is lit with a single off-camera flash. On the second shot I chose a low angle and fired the flash from below, through the leaf. A very dramatic and unusual angle.I love photographing thing that people don’t notice (and sometimes don’t want to notice).



  1. Charlie Pendleton

    Really cool – especially the bottom shot – he seems to glow – is it a he?

  2. Father Dan, at St. Rita's


    I like the photo of the fly that is lit from below. There is almost a sureal look about the fly dressed in softer greens. The softer photo gives more detail to parts of the fly not shown in the first photo. Both photos are good.
    Is your macro a 1:1 ratio? What kind is it (I think you told me once before)?

    Fr. Dan

  3. Jim Aboulafia

    Really nice – especially the bottom shot. Great detail!


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