Sparrow Neighbor

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Birds, Spring | 1 comment

Philadelphia Spring Sparrow

Tree in front of my house
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - March 28, 2010

I shot this out my front window.

I have a wonderful Nikon 70-300mm lens that is great for photographing wildlife.

I zoomed as close as I could to catch this shot, but it wasn’t close enough for my liking.So, I cropped/enlarged the area of interest, muted the distracting background (blured and lightened) and added a painterly effect to the main subject.I decided to include the original for comparison.I hope you like it.David

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  1. Jim Aboulafia

    Outstanding. You should work for National Geographic. You are so creative, and your results are so beautiful.

    Last night was 2nd Night of Passover at our house and we had 32 of us, including 8 kids! It was hectic, but really nice. You can imagine, with that many young kids & toddlers!



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