Self-Portrait on an Escalator

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Self Portrait on an Escalator - Wilmington, Delaware - April 19, 2008
Wilmington, Delaware - April 19, 2008
And now for something REALLY different.Story behind the photograph (before they were called “selfies”):
We were shopping in Delaware on this day in 2008. I was bored and started looking for pictures to take. On the escalator in Macy’s, I noticed the mirror finish on the areas surrounding the escalotor and decided to take my own picture using a flash for dramatic effect. I rode the escalator several times as If I look through the view finder while shooting, it covers my face. So, you kind of have to “shoot from the hip”, guessing at the aim. After several passes, i finished and continued through the store. Suddenly, I was approached by a security guard who wanted to know why I was taking pictures (my flash made it evident I was shooting). Turns out the escalator is right over the jewelry department and they thought I was casing the joint.

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Today is the anniversary of “The shot heard ’round the world”, the day the American Revolution started.
Also, the Oklahoma City Bombing was 24 years ago today.

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  1. Jim Aboulafia

    Imagine that…and that was back in 2008! Now, if you take pix in the desert you’ll get a police chopper hovering over head, with a bull horn, saying “move along!”


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