Mosaic of Hydrant

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Mosaic of Hydrant - September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009
Many of you that know my work know that I am fascinated with fire hydrants. There are so many different looking hydrants. They vary in design, color, condition and location. I decided years ago to capture the uniqueness of these creatures.Here is a montage I did a few years ago - Hydrant.

Today’s photo caught me eye when I was going through my archives. I’m not sure where I took it, as I didn’t make a note. It was either Philly or New Jersey, probably. These days, when I shoot with my iPhone, it has a feature called geotagging. It records the longitude, latitude and elevation of where it was shot and saves it with the image. A lot of modern cameras have this feature also. They even record which way you were facing so you can locate the exact place the image was captured.

I decided to apply my mosaic effect to enhance the texture.

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