Lucky Ladybug

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Lucky Ladybug - Santa Monica, California - April 2, 2009

Santa Monica, California - April 2, 2009

While staying with my friend, Terry Moore, I ventured in to use the guest bathroom, I spotted this ladybug crawling around. I quickly ran and got my camera, macro lens and flash. Above is the result of the encounter. In this shot, the ladybug is taking a stroll on a Dental Floss dispenser.Please let me know if you are interested in more details about how I take theses photographs. I wouldn’t want to bore you with technical details, if you are not interested.

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  1. Jim Aboulafia

    Hay, David, I find your technical information very interesting. (I just hope you were able to successfully complete your business in the guest bathroom on time!)

  2. Jim Aboulafia

    Very cool! Tell me how you did it.




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