Anniversary of My Testimony at Jim Morrison’s Trial

by | Sep 2, 2023 | Black & White, People, Rock & Roll | 1 comment

Jim Morrison at Miami Trial
Dade County Courthouse, Miami, Florida - October 10, 1970
Today is the anniversary of my testimony in the Jim Morrison Miami Trial, 53 years ago.
This is a rare photograph of Jim smiling. It was taken in the Dade County Courthouse in October 1970.For those that don’t know the story on the concert and trial (I was the first defense witness), you can read it here (, including a transcript of my testimony and a video of my VH1 interview.

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  1. Nunzio B. Iacampo

    Jim had a rocky childhood and It seems his parents were not there for him….His father was too busy playing sailor and his mother in a fog …It is a shame that his demise ended the way it did but how else would it have ended? Blame his parents for his later outlook on life.


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