Help Me Pick the Best Spring Composition!

by | Mar 21, 2015 | Beach, Birds, Spring, Sunrise/Sunset, Water | 2 comments

Please help me choose today’s photograph. Actually it’s a composition. Over the weekend, I went through my archives searching for a Spring picture I had taken. On this day, in 2009, I took a lot of pictures. I started compositing them together (sometimes a single photograph doesn’t tell the whole story), and came up with these three composites. I can’t decide which I like best and need you help.

Spring Hummingbirds

Second Day of Spring in Santa Monica

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

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  1. Father Dan, at St. Rita's


    I like the subtle shades of green and and the use of white vignette as well as the birds in the photo: Second Day of Spring. The variety of images helps communicate the theme you chose.

    Fr. Dan

  2. Athelia Johnson

    It’s something about the sunsets that enchants me every time I see one…I couldn’t help it . I had to pick this one.


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