Heart of a Daffodil

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Floral, Small World | 2 comments

Heart of a Daffodil

Tabletop, South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - March 3, 2010

My wife, Arlene, bought a bunch of Daffodil stems. Sitting in a vase in the kitchen for several days, they started to bloom and caught my eye.Technical alert: I used my macro lens at a small aperture to get maximum depth of field, however, when you are that close the area of focus is less than a quarter inch. I wanted two areas sharp, so I re focused and took a second photograph. I then combined the two in Photoshop.


Several people have suggested I produce note card sets and calendars. What do you think?


  1. Tim Bob

    suggests eecummins:
    In the time of Daffadils, who know, the goal of living is to grow…

  2. Chuck

    Beautiful, David.


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