Glowing Apple

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Glowing Apple
Tabletop - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - June 20, 2014

I wanted to do some creative photography. I love still life and the challenge to create something from scratch.

I had an idea to shoot an apple, a glowing apple. Interesting enough, I decided to see what was out there by doing a Google image search. I discovered an image where a camera flash unit was put INSIDE the apple. Had to try it, after all it was an actual glowing apple. Light is the basis of photography and I like to feature it as a subject.

Once I had the light inside the apple, it was a matter of placement. An interesting background, a way to conceal the flash and support the whole apparatus. The flash was fired remotely, triggered by the on-camera flash.140620-glowing_apple-44

This shot used a porcelain pitcher which was in our kitchen. It was chosen mostly for support reasons, but I thought the flash inside could create some interesting lighting.

Here is the result.

There were no Photoshop manipulations in this image. In the film industry it’s called a “practical.” It’s all done in camera with actual setup of objects.

Here is another I had done previously: Floating Light Bulb

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