Frank Zappa at Thee Image – 1969

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Frank Zappa no.13 - Thee Image Club, N. Miami Beach, Florida - February 7, 1969

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
Thee Image Club - 1969 - N. Miami Beach, Florida - February 7, 1969
Took this photograph on this date in 1969. (54 years ago. Is it possible I’m that old?)
Also, on this date, 21 years ago, my father passed away. I’m thinking of you, dad, miss you …Happy Birthday Ashton Kutcher and Charles Dickens !


  1. Sarah Miller

    I was at that show! It was my first date with my future husband. We spent a lot of time in the “black light room.” I also remember Zappa giving a girl from the audience $20 to dance sexy on stage. That concert started my lifelong love of FZ’s music. I think you could say it blew my mind. Opened up all sorts of musical doors for me. Thanks so much for posting.

    • Reginald Beam

      I was there also Sarah, Frank and a friend of mine smoked a little weed together that night before Frank went onstage


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