Fog on the Course

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Landscape | 4 comments

Fog on the Course - Miami Beach 1983

Bay Shore Golf Course, Miami Beach, Florida - November 1983

This is a Kodachrome transparency I shot over 40 years ago.

The Bay Shore Golf Course was across the street from my parent’s home in Miami Beach. When I was growing up, I used to go for walks and hangout with my friends here, at night.It was my little getaway.


This shot looks almost prehistoric, except for the buildings in back, of course.




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  1. Bruce Segal

    nice picture..I lived in miami beach at that time, and played that course alot…boy, would the frogs come out at night!

  2. Bobji LeVine

    Beautiful picture!

  3. Allan Aboulafia

    How well I remember!
    What a fantastic memory you have shared with us this day.
    Thank you David!
    I remember Steve Wright¸ Lloyd, Freda, you (with camera) and I going to the golf course.
    We would hang out and just have fun.


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