Fall from a Moving Car Series

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Cars, Country, Fall, Special Effects, Texture | 1 comment

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - November 7, 2008

My wife was driving down I-95 South from Bucks County to Philadelphia. I was riding shotgun. Noticing the great fall colors on an otherwise overcast day, I was going to have her pull over to take some photographs. The background, gray sky and light poles did not make for anything interesting. i started to shoot with my long lens at colorful scenes but was concerned with blurry images. So, I decided to go with the flow and set the camera on manual at 1/15th of a second.

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  1. Barry Nation

    Very nice. Some of these look like paintings – very beautiful. I have learned what a challenge it can be to get good fall photographs, despite all the intensity of color. I think your moving car approach is very appropriate because that’s how we usually experience it.


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