Face at Poor Richards - Poor Richards - Doylestown, Pennsylvania - October 23, 2011Doylestown, Pennsylvania - October 23, 2011

Face at Poor Richards - Doylestown, Pennsylvania - October 23, 2011
At a great gift shop in Doylestown, PA. I shot this with my then new iPhone 4s.

The camera was fantastic, especially considering it’s size, plus it was in a PHONE.

My new iPhone 7 Plus is five generations later and even better!

I have included an enlarged section of the image so you can see the detail this camera produces. This sample section was not manipulated in any way. Isn’t that incredible?

This extreme closeup was at 1/20th of a second exposure. Thank goodness I have a very steady hand with a camera. It’s easy to get a blurred photo at that shutter speed. I did manipulate the image by adding a “bloom” to the highlights, one of my favorite “adjustments.”

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