Dusk Over the Cliff

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Dusk Over the Cliff

View towards Virgin, Utah - March 7, 2009

Jeff Lewis and his “Golf Cart”
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I’m not sure of my exact location when I shot this, eleven years ago today. I went on an off-road excursion with my buddy Jeff.

He has this really neat “golf cart” customized for just such adventures. We took it all the way up this mountain road. I have no idea what the elevation was, but it was up there.

As the sun was setting, I got this photograph.

Getting back to the house in the dark was interesting, to say the least.

Here’s another photograph I took that day:

Sunlight Over the Saddle
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  1. Jim Aboulafia

    Looks like Jeff has enough lights on top of that ‘golf cart’.

    • David E. LeVine

      Jim, It’s a good thing he has all those lights. You wouldn’t believe how dark it is out there, especially if there is no moon. The dirt roads are rocky, and sometimes you are dangerously close to a cliff. Not to mention that Jeff drives like the mad man he is…


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