Droplets on Rose Pedals

by | Mar 6, 2024 | Floral, Small World, Texture, Water | 3 comments

Droplets on Rose Pedals - Tabletop, South Philadelphia - March 6, 2011
Tabletop, South Philadelphia - March 6, 2011

I took these photographs the same day I took Heart of a Rose. I actually sprinkled the water on the rose. These were lit by off-camera flash. Shot with my macro lens at it’s smallest aperture.Comments or Questions here.


  1. Father Dan, at St. Rita's


    Your “droplets on rose petals” is among some of your best photographs. Nice job!

    Father Dan

    • David E. LeVine

      Thanks, Father Dan,

      Coming from a talented photographer like yourself, I take it as a great compliment…


  2. David E. LeVine

    My friend Deborah emailed:

    that top left photo is exceptional…so exquisite…that is the picture to take
    to the florist and to say…this is what I want my roses to look like and
    then…settle for NOTHING less!


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