Arlene’s Orchid

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Arlene's Orchid - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - April 15, 2010
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - April 15, 2010

Shot on this date, in 2010.

My wife, Arlene, bought this orchid corsage to wear on Easter Sunday in 2010. She placed it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and forgot all about it. She didn’t get to wear it, so eleven days later, I decided to photograph it.

Hope you are not tired of all the flower photographs, but after all, it is Spring…


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Today is the birthday of one of my heroes, Leonardo da Vinci.

Also on this date:
Bottle opener invented (1738), City of San Francisco incorporated (1850), 1st telephone installed (1877), Ivory Soap introduced (1878), Titanic sinks (1912), McDonald’s (1955)

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  1. chuck

    Beautiful, David. Good choice for the frame color, too.


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