Beams through Clouds Over Palms

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Black & White, Landscape, Light & Shadow, Special Effects, Summer | 5 comments

Beams through Clouds Over Palms - San Diego, California - July 29, 2009
San Diego, California - July 29, 2009I love black & white photography. Do you?

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  1. Lisa Joseph

    Dear David,
    I agree with you, I love black and white photograph. You really see the image on a different level. You can pay attention to the design without all the distractions of the color. It’s nice to change it up with the value scale sometimes!

  2. Susan

    love black and white ..and this in particular!

  3. Bruce

    I do, but I think this photo needs color…otherwise, its more like a vietnam war shot..

  4. Kat


  5. Father Dan


    Your “beams through clouds over palms” is a wonderful photo. I like the way you have a portion of the sun in the midst of the clouds. Nicely done. I do like BW photography because one must better understand using the different shades of grey to create a compelling photograph. Color photography allows one’s skills to hide behind the colors which means producing a less artful photograph.

    Father Dan


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